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Lord's Prayer blank - Fine Wood Pens

Lord's Prayer blank

  • 2000

Christian themed blanks for turners.  This "Lord's Prayer" blank is available on American Holly, Blackwood and Olive Wood from the Holy Land (with certificate of authenticity).  Your choice of color fill (black, white and crimson shown).  On blanks that have room you can specify an optional cross.  Available for all single tube kits and many double tube kits.  Note:  These aren't sold at finished blanks, they will be tubed, trimmed, turned to spec (based on the kit selected), sealed with 3 coats of CA, engraved, colored and finally cleaned. Some will just sand / buff the existing CA and assemble, most add enough coats of CA to bring them flush. If you apply several coats of CA you may want to taper the ends slightly.

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