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Fireman's Maltese Cross blank

  • 2000

Customize the Maltese Cross however you want.  Change the wording or images inside or change the "Thank you for your service." text or add another line - all at no extra charge.  Available for most single tube and many double tube pen kits, the second blank and tube are additional (and optional).  Leave a note in comments for customizations or drop me an email.

Blanks will be tubed, trimmed and turned to spec, sealed with CA, engraved and colored and a final coat of CA applied.  They are not intended to be finished blanks however many will simply lightly sand and polish, others will add more coats of CA to bring the engravings flush.

If a second blank is supplied for a two tube kit it will be the matched piece.  It will not be tubed or turned, the corresponding tube will also be included.

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