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Artist Pencil in Madrone wood and gold fittings. - Fine Wood Pens

Artist Pencil in Madrone wood and gold fittings.

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This unique pencil is equally at home in the shop or an artist's sketch kit. The extra thick (5.66mm, about 7/32" D x 3-1/8" L) HB round lead resists breaking and is held firmly in place by a four-jaw collet at the bottom of the pencil mechanism. Just push on the spring-loaded top of the pencil and the collet opens so you can advance or retract the lead to the desired length. The top, when unscrewed from the pencil, features an internal sharpener to renew the point. When combined with the 4B soft lead, any artist would love to add this pencil to their sketch kit.  This is a picture of the actual piece you will receive, there is only one.  I can make others similar to it but never exactly like it.